Johann Gutenberg invented the movable type, around year 1444 , and did not imagined that his invention would change the world and that his act would be the "light" for culture and communication to come.

Indeed, from that time the culture became accessible to a greater number of people, only accessible through manuscripts to a small number of people .

For 150 years after its invention only imprinted books and pamphlets. Only much later would the newspapers with the appearance of the mail lines.

In contemporary times, which are passed 564 years after Gutenberg, communication is so precious and important that nothing is done without it.

Several professional marketing, design and printing are occupied in their day-to-day thinking and print any kind of communication on several forms. Setting up strategies, paths, directions, and forms of communication ...

In the final line of this venture appears graphics companies, among them, Rebelo Artes Gráficas, where our goal is to provide exemplary compliance to all expectations.

The investments we have carried out year after year, both in small and large digital format, such as in the offset area, allow us to fulfill that intention.

But anyway, we only exist because once existed Gutenberg !

Armindo Rebelo

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